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Last updated on January 17, 2006

Welcome to SENAD! The Sentinel Adult Discussion list.

We are an adults-only discussion list for The Sentinel, focusing primarily on male/male "slash" talk.

If you need the text version of the list info emailed to you, please write

TO POST to the list, send email to:
You have to be subscribed in order to post.

TO SUBSCRIBE: send an age statement and statement of intent (know that SENAD is an adults-only discussion list for The Sentinel, and contains primarily male/male "slash" talk) to:

Please make sure to indicate BOTH your old and new email addresses.

TO UNSUBSCRIBE: send an email from your subbed account to:
And write this in the body of your email: signoff senad
Alternatively, you can go to the Senad Web Interface ( and login with your email address and password, then choose "Unsubscribe."
If that doesn't work, then write to:

Questions regarding list policy should be sent to list admins at:

Emergency technical questions can be answered by Walter at:

Revised: 1/17/06